Friday, August 27, 2010

The Creepys are Crawling

I got a refund for my dead worms, they sent me another order for free. 1000 Red Wrigglers all very much so alive and crawling!!! YEAH!!! I was so excited. Even the girls shared in my enthusiasm for the little creepy crawlers. I don't know if you'll be able to see them too well but here is a picture.

You know, I'm not fond of spiders at all, not scared of them mind you, just not fond, however, there is just something about a spider on its web that is beautiful to me. I feel like its natures lace works! What intricacy and craftsmanship! Its these moments I wished I had one of those specially equipped cameras that would catch the details I see. God is so good! Be sure to look for Him always! He is in all the grandeur of the world but you can also find Him is the little things in life as well.

Hair Cut

We took our little man to get his first hair cut today. He did sooo good. Sat up there like a pro. He even reached out to the Barber as if he were an old friend! I can't get used to the way he looks now. He seems so different, but absolutely adorable none the less!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Travis and His Hair

I know some of you have questioned Travis' hair color. I've said before that often it looks red but never seemed to prove that because all the pictures I post show him to be dark blond. Well I think I can prove my strawberry-blond theory. Be my guess to comment on what you think.

He is also in dire need of a haircut. Poor little guy. When my dad gets home I think I'll ask him to take Travis to the local barber.

Miles will have to miss out on this 'first.' Miles will not be home until OCTOBER!! Yes, you read that correctly! He got offered the chance to go from his boat to another boat and then back to his boat. It sounds absolutly crazy we know! But we are just that... crazy! You have to live like no one else in order to live like no one else. Sometimes it takes a little effort to get to where you want to be. Debt-free is our goal afterall and this work opportunity gives us a HUGE boost towards freedom!!

Homesteading Step 1----FAILURE

The worms are dead! I didn't kill them, they arrived that way. I just don't think it'll be possible for anything to be mailed ALIVE in this triple digit weather. I think I'll have to try again in the fall. What a bummer. I was really looking forward to those little guys eating my garbage and turning it into black gold for the soil! I sure hope I get my money back. Funny ain't it, buying worms? These that supposedly compost the best aren't the regular earthworms in the garden. Not that we could find any on the land anyway. What could possibly dig through solid clay?

I'm still pouring sweat from being out at Shallowroots. And not just a little covered in dirt. I'm forced to seat on the floor as not to get moms furniture all sweaty and dirty. Miles decided to sale his shave ice trailer. He has other plans that is causing him to go in another busy direction. He just hasn't the time to sell shave ice. I really hate that, its such an adorable little concession trailer. And I will really miss the shave ice. But honestly we ate more then we sold. If its not being profitable its really quite silly on our part to just let it sit there. Anyway, I busied myself cleaning it out this afternoon because the couple is picking it up tomorrow. I have to say its rather a bitter sweet ending. We spent alot of money to get that business started for Miles and it ended pretty quickly just for lack of time to run it. I guess its one of those live and learn adventures. Life is full of costly mistakes and you just have to learn to get over it. I guess I'm sounding alot more 'bitter' than 'sweet.' Sorry, it's bound to be the heat and dirt getting to me. It was 102 today. And we fools were out in it!
Boy, I sure could use a shave ice!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Umm..a House

It feels like its been a while since I've posted. You all now we have no internet but my parents internet has been down for a while as well. We are house sitting for my parents for two weeks while they are in Louisiana. I forgot how much I enjoyed living in a house! The amount of space...the running water...doors...humm the good life! I refuse to go too far indulging in this fine luxery. We've been going back and forth to the land so that I can feed our dogs and spend some time there. And you know what? I love it there! And I love going back 'home'! There is so much I am not able to accomplish on my own ( I really do not WANT to learn to drive the tractor), however there is plenty of work! My parents helped me build on a small porch before they left to at least get us up off the ground which is really nice. Another little venture I'm really excited about is vermicosting! Its composting with the use of worms! The worms basically eat your garbage. Kitchen scraps, paper, coffe grounds, etc. Thier castings are supposed to be one of the best forms of compost. My soil needs MAJOR improvements and this is a start. I hope to plant broccoli for this fall and winter season. I'll keep you posted.
Meanwhile here are a few more pictures.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Have Shoes, Will Travel

Well, today was the day!! Our little man is finally walking. I'd got him some brand new shoes today and I suppose he thought he was offically a big boy now. As soon as I put them on him he took off. He was difinately the type who wanted no help from anyone and walked best when he thought no one was looking.

He was treated with an ice cream cone for dessert!

Old-fashioned Fun

When you haven't anything better to do....roll down a hill